The TwinSpace

What is the TwinSpace?

The TwinSpace is a virtual “classroom” where eTwinning partnerships run their projects. Created as a collaborative tool specifically for eTwinning, it is designed to match eTwinners’ needs. Among its various capabilities, the TwinSpace is:

  • Multilingual: the interface is translated into twenty-two languages spoken in countries eligible for eTwinning, which makes the tool much easier to use for both teachers and pupils;
  • Safe: access to the TwinSpace is protected by a password and accessible only to people invited by the project administrators (usually the teachers who have founded the partnership). This means that your pupils can work in a safe environment without the risk of meeting unknown persons or harmful content;
  • User-friendly: the TwinSpace is aimed at users who are not computer experts. It is designed to be straightforward and easy for anyone who has basic computer skills;
  • Project-oriented: It is tailor-made to provide all the necessary planning, communication and publishing functions to run a good collaborative project.

How can I use it?

A Twinspace is created every time you start a new project . There is no ‘one way’ to work with the TwinSpace; partnerships can use it in many ways, such as a:
  • Staffroom: where partner teachers talk and prepare activities for pupils;
  • Classroom: where teachers invite pupils and carry out their project;
  • Portfolio: where partners collect their most important documents, outcomes and links;
  • Showroom: where project outcomes are accessible to the public (i.e., making your TwinSpace public).


The following documents are designed to answer the most frequently asked questions from teachers who are just starting out using the TwinSpace. If your question is not answered in any of these documents then please do not hesitate to contact the UK NSS who will be able to offer further support.

Further Information

Test your knowledge of the Twinspace by working through the TwinSpace Task Sheet!

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