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What is eTwinning?

eTwinning enables schools in 32 European countries to work together using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). As a school or college (working with pupils and students between the ages of 3 and 20) you can register your details, search for partners and engage in collaborative online projects through ICT.

eTwinning is a safe, secure, easy to use resource for enhancing the use of ICT across all areas of the curriculum. eTwinning is a flexible scheme that can support curriculum work already being produced in the classroom. We offer a complete package of free online resources available to support partnerships, including your own private profile space called the Desktop. We also provide a range of tools to help you carry out your project work through your own private TwinSpace (a virtual classroom space) including the ability to upload and share resources in a project folders, a calendar, a live chat forum and bulletin boards, as well as the facility to build your own project web pages and apply for a Quality Label to gain recognition for all your hard work. You can use these tools as much or as little as you wish.

Registration is quick and easy though the main eTwinning portal. This portal enables you to register the details of your school, provides potential eTwinning partners according to various criteria (including country, age range, curriculum areas, etc.) and in addition, provides a range of collaborative tools for you to work together with your eTwinning partner – if you have an established link with a school in another eligible country, you could register your partnership with eTwinning and start a project.

eTwinning partnerships are formed online using our Partner Finding tool; teachers with their students collaborate on a range of curriculum based projects using exciting and innovative ICT tools. It is easy for schools to form short or long term partnerships in any subject area; there is no administration process and no time restrictions for registrations.

In addition, eTwinning workshops are held regularly throughout the UK giving advice (from experienced eTwinning teacher practitioners) on eTwinning registration, finding partner schools and developing appropriate ICT skills. Take a look at our events page for upcoming workshops in your area or contact the eTwinning team for more information and if you would like a workshop for your area.

System Requirements

In case of problems while using the eTwinning Portal, be sure to check your computer is set to the following requirements.

Operation System platforms:
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Recommended browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or more recent (Windows platform)
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.x or more recent (all platforms)
  • Opera 8.x or more recent (all platforms)

Browser settings (minimum):
  • Javascript/Scripting enabled
  • Cookies enabled

Required installed plugins:
  • Adobe Flash Player (available for all platforms)

CHAT ROOMS: Server information needed for the eTwinning chat tool (available in the TwinSpace):
  • (XML) Socket server:
    Address: jabber.eun.org
    Address: conference.jabber.eun.org
    Port: 5222
  • HTTP Flash Protocol (IE only):
    No specifics, the port 80 must simply be allowed and the browser must allow HTTP sessions.

For more information about your computer settings and/or how to change them, please consult your local or school administrator.